“Friday March 18 at 6pm we rally the troops, the good vibes and music lovers on the SC to raise some funds for the East Coast Originals. Hemingway the flumes The Perries and Christian patey kicking off from 6. A karma keg from Stone & Wood Brewing with all proceeds going to the ECO to […]

Z-DAY • Saturday 19th March

Stoked to be contributing to this… Are we supposed to sit by idle while we continue to use a long outdated system that produces war, poverty, collusion, corruption, ruins our environment and threatens every aspect of our health, and does nothing but divide and segregate us? FREE FOOD (100% vegan), FREE MUSIC and FREE ENTRY […]

FOREST NOT FREEWAYS • Saturday 21st November

Tonight we’re helping Save Your Steve Irwin Way Forest Group “Put up the good fight diligently to stop the big fat road”. We’d rather have the trees thanks, and can’t see why political fantasies and corporate blundering can’t be set aside to send the road around. Everyone’s going at 110kph anyway and so won’t even […]

Through The Looking Glass

Stoked to be providing the soundtrack for ‘Through the Looking Glass’ An exhibition featuring the works of Victoria Fitzpatrick – fine artist Rob McDonald – artist/illustrator Robyn Woodrow – assemblage artist. “Where nothing is quite as it seems” Girl in a Painting 3/7 Howard Street, Nambour fb|event


“Wanderlust brings together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists, and chefs for a transformational retreat in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural resorts. Yes!! now that sounds like us. Catch The Flumes at Wanderlust 2pm Sunday 18th October. We’re stoked to be sharing a bill with Mama Kin, […]

Palmwoods Hotel • Sunday 27th September

It’s been a while between Palmy Sunday sessions for us and this one’s pretty sweet! We’re sharing the bill with 2 of the Sunny Coast’s finest female artists; Valerie + Dear Willow…y’gotta love that πŸ™‚

BlowOUT • Friday 21st August

Sorry folks, this show has been cancelled due to rubbish weather we’ll be back at the gallery on 4th September for the Sunshine Coast Art Awards. Looking forward to celebrating Caloundra Regional Gallery’s 15th Birthday with a Free Festival in Felicity Park. Check out all the details in the facebook event. We’ll be lushin it […]

MIAMI MARKETTA • Friday 26th June

“It could be the back streets of Thailand, Barcelona or New York City but it is right here in Miami on the Gold Coast. Marketta Street Food, a new street/laneway dining experience. 25 food vendors of all nationalities in the one space, take your entree from spain, your main from Thailand and sweets from france. […]


“The World Environment Day (WED) Festival has been held on the Sunshine Coast each year since 1979, making it one of the longest running environmental events in the world. Growing out of the grass roots environmental movement of the 1980s the WED festival has been a celebration of and for the environment movement for most […]