Kayt’s real job.

Classic stuff from one of our most beloved and talented old friends. Read the rest of it here: dateordie.com.au/ it’s hilarious! 🙂

“It’s 1am on a Friday night. Lock & Load has just turned its lights on so everyone can see my drunk-ass face. I’ve had an unexpectedly embarrassing night which for the last hour I’ve been trying to kill with beer. I came here tonight to watch The Flumes, a friend’s band. The harpist – yes, this band has a harp. It’s about 6ft high, bright blue and electrified – is an old school friend of mine, Kayt. With her floor-length skirt and waist-length hair, plucking the strings of her harp she looks like she’s on a break from her real job of swimming about underwater and luring seamen to their deaths”.